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Mothers: courageous or crazy?

„Mothers: courageous or crazy?” is a project consisting of an exhibition and a book. It presents stories of twenty two women who decided to give birth to children, although it posed a risk to their health or life. Everything began with a question about human courage, its importance for our survival and it’s occurrence in lives of ordinary people.

As a result of my search a story was created, the story about courage, love and victory of life, about extreme choices of ordinary people and about hope. It’s a story about bravery, which helped women whom I photographed overcome fear of death. This courage provided them with readiness to sacrifice own life or health for the sake of value of life of their unborn children. It is also a story about fulfilling own desires and realization of maternal vocation- it’s about madness of love, which gives life.

Photo sessions were carried out between August 2011 and March 2012. I decided on a family photography approach; like from the albums that can be found in most homes. I portrayed my heroines like they are in everyday life, where they live, where they spend their lives, and, where possible, with their loved ones. The descriptions contain facts, I deliberately wanted to avoid evaluation, comments, emotions.